Here’s how some of our clients are using Echovate to reach their goals!

Echovate for High-Growth Companies

A venture-backed startup is working with Echovate to better understand how their expanding teams align with their strategy, performance metrics, and company purpose. With Echovate, they created a profile on each team member providing behavioral context and transparency to help develop leadership pipelines, career paths, and professional development opportunities.

Key Outcomes

  • Connected team behaviors and personality with business strategy
  • Accelerated team performance and growth
  • Mitigated associated risk of ‘the wrong person in the wrong seat on the bus’

Echovate for Sales Enablement

We’re working with a publicly-traded, cloud-based software company to help their sales leadership better understand what it takes to succeed at their organization. We collected profiles on over 500 salespeople. Together, we’re crossing Echovate behavioral data with their 11 key sales performance metrics to find similarities amongst their top performers. By examining personality and performance, we’re revealing unique insights that are influencing their sales strategy.

Key Outcomes

  • Connected people to performance for more robust reporting to sales leadership
  • Provided behavioral data to their sales enablement, training, and continuing education teams
  • Shared top performer data to both HR and Diversity & Inclusion

Echovate for Hiring

We’re helping a 12,000 employee healthcare network with over 120 facilities improve their hiring practices. They profiled hundreds of successful employees in tough-to-hire positions to create a framework based on our 10 key behavioral attributes. They are now using these frameworks to assess and screen thousands of incoming applicants to help their hiring managers make better, faster decisions.

Key Outcomes

  • Worked with both leadership and mgmt. consultants to create success frameworks
  • Provided detailed, custom reporting on all applicants
  • Improved efficiency and speed to execute on strategy

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