Echovate is proud to be a Preferred Alliance Member of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Network

Echovate for Productivity

We’re working with some of the top Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network brokerages to help them understand key behavioral motivators of their agents and employees to better lead and manage the organization. With Echovate you can drive productivity and successful outcomes.

Key Outcomes

  • 25%-40% increase in productivity
  • 15%-30% increase in sales
  • Improved data driven management decisions

Echovate for Retention

Retention begins with understanding the unique personalities of your team and the motivations that drive their behaviors. Echovate customers understand who and more importantly WHY individuals are thriving or struggling. In addition, Echovate provides individualized reports to team members and leaders in real-time for increased professional development.

Key Outcomes

  • 15%-25% reduction in turnover
  • 20%-40% increase in customer loyalty
  • Improved employee wellness

Echovate for Selection & Job Fit

We’re helping a corporate client with a network of 12,000 people and 120 locations improve their selection and hiring. They profiled hundreds of successful team members to create a profile of the “ideal” employee based on our 10 key behavioral attributes. They are now using these profiles to assess and screen thousands of incoming applicants to help their hiring managers make better, faster decisions.

Key Outcomes

  • Effectively and efficiently screen applicants 50% faster
  • Provided detailed, custom reporting on all applicants
  • Better job fit drives improved productivity
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Exclusive Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Offer

In light of the current events and as a proud Preferred Alliance Member, we would love to help with the expense of Echovate.


  • Waived setup fee
  • Turnkey solution with unlimited use
  • Pricing starts at $249/ month

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