Recruit, retain and grow successful people with workforce science.

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What are the benefits of Echovate?

Why Echovate?

We leverage our proprietary behavioral science to help business leaders quickly address their challenges with an actionable approach and strategy. Echovate customers understand who and more importantly WHY individuals are thriving or struggling. In addition, Echovate provides individualized reports to team members and leaders in real-time for increased professional development.

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How does Echovate work?

  • Step 1Kick-Off Call

    All clients start off with a 30-45 minute discovery session with team leaders and stakeholders. During this session, you’ll help our team better understand the specific and unique business challenges you are facing.
  • Step 2Data Collection

    You’ll receive a custom Echovate link to distribute to your team. Your team members will take the assessment, which takes under five minutes to complete. Response rates are typically close to 98% for our clients over one-week.
  • Step 3Real Time Results

    As your team members complete their assessments, leadership will be able to login to Echovate and view their reports in real-time. You’ll instantly receive the individual reports which map back to our ten key behavioral attributes.
  • Step 4Analytics & Planning

    Leaders can spot trends, evaluate opportunities, analyze historical performances with behavioral context. You can identify new ways to optimize resources to make the entire team more productive and efficient.

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