With Matthew Gough, CEO at Echovate, and Peggy Anderson, VP of Global Talent Acquisition & Diversity at Blackbaud

1. Learn why employees are really leaving, and how you can step up before it’s too late.
2. Discover a research-driven and structured approach to impact employee retention.
3. Gain actionable tips and strategies that you can put to work immediately.
4. Explore real-life experiences with human resources executive, Peggy Anderson.


About Peggy Anderson

Peggy Anderson is the VP of Global Talent Acquisition and Diversity for Blackbaud, the leading global provider of software and services designed for nonprofits, foundations, and Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Their purpose is to power the business of philanthropy from fundraising to outcomes. They have over 3000 employees with offices in such great locations as Charleston, SC; Austin, TX; Glascow, Scotland; and London, England. Peggy has more than 30 years of experience as an HR leader and has worked for some of the biggest national brands including Under Armour, Microsoft, and Apple.