Each January, LinkedIn Talent Solutions issues a report on the upcoming trends in global recruiting. This year, they surveyed over 9,000 recruiters and hiring managers from over 39 countries and did countless interviews to uncover their top four trends featured in the report. Needless to say – we’re big fans of the awesome work they’ve done to put this report together. We’ve put together a four-part series to take a deeper look into the what’s coming up in 2018.

Part One — Diversity: The New Global Mindset

I already know what you are thinking, “Diversity! We’ve had that initiative for years! This is on the hot trends list?”

However, it’s not just diversity – it’s the new way companies are viewing diversity. Diversity is no longer just about achieving a number. Creating diversity in the workplace has moved beyond that – after employees are hired, they need to feel a sense of inclusion and belonging.

“Belonging is the feeling of psychological safety that allows employees to be their best selves at work. Even at the most diverse of companies, employees will disengage and leave if they don’t feel included and accepted.”

Wow. That’s a powerful statement, right? Most of you can agree that this is not the first time the time “psychological safety” has popped up in an article for you. The concept of psychological safety was coined back in 1999 but has become increasingly more relevant as it’s been studied. The buzz particularly increased after Google released a study on teamwork and stated that psychological safety was by far the most important factor for creating a successful team. According to the study, “Individuals on teams with higher psychological safety are less likely to leave Google, they’re more likely to harness the power of diverse ideas from their teammates, they bring in more revenue, and they’re rated as effective twice as often by executives.”

We’re thrilled about the fresh approach companies are taking when approaching diversity and shifting their mindset, but what will be really interesting to watch will be the many ways that companies try to measure things like inclusion, belonging, and psychological safety. (If this is something you or your organization is struggling with – we should chat! We’ve might have a few ways up our sleeves.)

If the topics of diversity and inclusion are on your agenda for 2018, make sure to download a full copy of the report from LinkedIn Talent Solutions. They have three great case studies from Walgreens, Lever, and Pandora regard their efforts to increase diversity and belonging to their organizations.

And stay tuned in to our blog! We’ll be covering the other three trends in the upcoming days.