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Do your applicants and students have the perseverance to succeed?
Are they empathetic? Are they systematic?

Understanding the behavioral footprint of your applicants and students
is critical for making the right admissions decisions
and predicting future success.

Gather Student Data

Invite students to build a profile through a custom link for your school.  Capture valuable behavioral attributes of each individual in under 5 minutes. Completion rates are over 98%.

Explore your data & establish benchmarks

Our algorithms will reveal commonalities and trends at your school to identify patterns of success. By identifying those patterns you can build a success framework to compare applicants and expand your decision-criteria.

Make data-driven decisions

Invite and compare applicants against established frameworks through a simple one-number score to better identify fit. Review individual reports to understand key differences in behavioral attributes and the impact on future success.

Want to learn more about achieving your enrollment
goals with Echovate?

Link is all you need to start collecting student data.
Minutes or less for your students to complete their profiles.
Completion rates of student profiles.
Colleges already have student profiles in Echovate.