Retaining your top talent is critical in order to create an optimal work environment for your team and provide the very best care for your patients.

Maximize the potential of your individuals

Choosing the right hire is only the beginning — in order to retain your talent, you have to ensure they are properly aligned to a successful path based on their unique individuality.

  • After creating an Echovate profile, individuals receive a self-report that outlines strengths and potential weaknesses based on their personality as well as personalized coaching tips and communication strategies.
  • These profiles are can be used pre-hire to determine fit within the organization or post-hire to help with department and team selection.

Leverage your known success

No one knows who makes a better pediatric nurse or a paramedic at your hospital than YOU do. With Echovate, you can use data from your past successes to create a success framework and replicate it!

  • Quickly analyze and determine which attributes are most critical to your organization and specific roles.
  • Create and save a framework based on those characteristics.
  • Measure team members and applicants against these frameworks to help with role placement, team management, and promotions.

Keep a pulse on your team members

Getting a snapshot of your team is only the beginning! We use pulse surveys to help managers and leadership understand how their team is evolving over time.

  • Echovate’s pulse surveys are focused on key indicators of employee retention and loyalty such as psychological safety, community, impact, and outlook.
  • Know when to have a conversation — survey results will reveal changes in individuals and help managers identify important times to ask questions and give support.

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