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Understand what makes you, YOU!

With Echovate, you can take a deeper look at your employees through our insights and analytics. Our five-minute individual assessment will allow you to profile your team members and give you a holistic view of what success looks like within your organization.

Replicate your success

Sure, Sam looks great on paper. You even enjoyed your chat. Your gut says yes – but wouldn’t it be great if you could back up your feelings with facts? Echovate allows you to profile your candidates and compare their attributes to others who have proven to fit. This reduces your risk of making the wrong hire – leading to less turnover and improved performance.

Open & Integrated

Everyone knows there is strength in numbers – especially when it comes to big data! Echovate was built with open APIs so we can push and pull data from any system. This means that the opportunities are endless! We’ve helped employers find and map correlations between ESI and performance, employee happiness, and customer satisfaction.


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