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Do your students have the foundation for success? What does their emotional and social intelligence footprint look like?

Educators can recognize strengths and challenges of students by visualizing behavioral attribute data and implementing strategies for emotional intelligence growth.

Create a student profile

Capture and visualize behavioral attribute data of each student in under 5 minutes. Reports are sharable between educators, students, and parents.

Tools for success outside of the classroom

Foster the non-cognitive growth of students with our insights tool. Educators have access to student profiles and personalized coaching methods for facilitating the emotional intelligence growth of their students.

Visualize student individuality

Emotional and social intelligence is a better predictor of success than IQ. Visualizing non-cognitive skills gives educators and parents more tools to create a solid foundation for their students.

Want to learn more about the emotional and social intelligence of your students?

Link is all you need to start collecting student data.
Minutes or less for your students to create their profiles.
Completion rates of student profiles.
Schools already have student profiles in Echovate.