EEOC Basics: How to conduct an interview that won’t get you sued

HR-approved interviewing for non-HR types. If you are in HR, you can probably skip this one. You most likely live & breathe by EEOC compliance, so there won’t be any new information here, but if you are someone who finds yourself hiring from time-to-time and you don’t have an [...]

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3 Questions Managers Should Ask Themselves Each Morning

As a manager, your job often extends far beyond the job description. Beyond juggling your calendar and your own workload, you also have to be prepared to step up to the following: Cheerleader Motivational Speaker Therapist Cat Herder Paper Pusher Auditor… we could go on, and on, and on… [...]

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Make Yourself a Better Manager – Free Mini-Management Crash Course

Many managers suck at their jobs. We just kind of accept it, because honestly, it’s usually not their fault. Most managers aren’t trained to be managers. Many who find themselves in management positions end up there because they excelled at some other role. It makes sense that as new opportunities [...]

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