Most companies use this page to push out all of their amazing accolades, but we aren’t most companies! Instead of looking out, we’re doing what we do best and looking within! Here’s a little bit about the collective emotional and social makeup of our team:

We’re mission-driven and competitive.

Whether we are playing cornhole on the patio or knocking out the next new feature, our team is driven to win! Our clients and partners love it because we tackle everything with our “get stuff done” attitude. Don’t be intimidated by our perseverance and dedication though, we’re also highly emotionally-controlled, which means we’re always good sports.

We’re compassionate and empathetic.

People are at the center of everything we do. We help individuals find the best college or company based on their individuality. We know that the world is a better place when people connect with an organization that makes their heart happy. (Sometimes we cry watching YouTube videos of puppies. We have no shame.)

We are open-minded and adaptive.

Change? Bring. It. ON. We’re excited by new ideas and unexpected challenges. As a tech startup, we know that our work is never-ending and our product is always evolving. New clients bring new ideas and are constantly guiding our growth, making us a more agile and creative team.

(We’re human though, so here’s why we’re not so perfect…)

We’re not so systematic or self-disciplined…

Smartphones are our best friends; those little alerts keep us in line! Messy desks don’t bother us so much. Sometimes we choose a beer on the beach over coffee at our desks. It’s all about balance.

If you want the real deal on where we went to school and why people think we’re cool, that’s what LinkedIn is for. Read more and connect with our Chief Echovater, Matthew Gough.