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Optimizing Fit and Improving Retention in Healthcare

JOIN US FOR AN INTERACTIVE 30-MINUTE DISCUSSION AND BRIEF PRODUCT PREVIEW.Wednesday, September 5 at 1:30 PM ESTOver 80% of healthcare executives say that retention is one of their top strategic initiatives. Finding the right talent and keeping them is on the top of everyone's mind these days and HR leaders are feeling that weight on their shoulders. The good news is that — you aren't alone in this battle! Join us for a 30-minute discussion and idea-share on how to [...]

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Make Yourself a Better Manager – Free Mini-Management Crash Course

Many managers suck at their jobs. We just kind of accept it, because honestly, it’s usually not their fault. Most managers aren’t trained to be managers. Many who find themselves in management positions end up there because they excelled at some other role. It makes sense that as new opportunities arise, they find themselves working their way up the ladder. The problem with this model has nothing to do with the individuals themselves, but rather the lack of support and [...]

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Celebrating Work Anniversaries — 7 Tips to Make Your Efforts Count

First things, first - I’m certain that 95% of us know what a work anniversary is, but for those of you who don’t… A work anniversary is an annual milestone based off of an employee’s start date. Celebrating a work anniversary is one of the easiest ways to show appreciation to your team members. With retention numbers on the top of everyone’s mind these days, it’s especially important to recognize and those who’ve stuck by your side for the [...]

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